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House Reef


Its situated a few yards away from  Kanoni peninsula just off the north west side of  Kassiopi Harbour.The reef  forms contours that run  almost parallel with the shape of the headland  and sit in deapths  that start from two meters  for the ones closer to the shore to about twenty meters as you move away from  it in an northwesterly direction.It makes an easy shore dive and we are using it as our buoyancy park because its tranquil with hardly any current and with plenty of  shallow sandy patches that make teaching a joy for both the instructors and the students.
We usually deploy a line in the water where we rest the kit complete and ready to be used by our students TO HELP THEM CARRY NOTHING   in the scorching heat. We  normally start the dive at the right hand side of the bay preceding the peninsula and have our right shoulder on the headland we take a north westerly direction .Schools of wrasses and salpa salpae   come swarming at us and  follow us to our feeding station which is just off the first corner .There we are surrounded by black sea bream and Gilt-head bream and on the sand patch surrounding the boulders on the feeding station one could see red mullet,pufferfish,peacock blenny and tompot blenny as well as turbots and sole.At night the place is full white spotted octopus and cattle fish .
Moving away from the feeding station towards north the reef contours reach depths of 20 meters in two legs ; on the first plateau that sits at around 10 meters one could see sponges and peacock worms ,greek bating sponge ,sea stars and holes occupied by octopus small and big.Bearded fire worms are circling the octopus holes which are littered with empty cowries,purple dye murex,rough turbos and common cerithe.
On the ledge of the reef  you can see soft red coral,red sea fans and golden zoanthids looking into the forest of posidonias that cover the surounding area.
After the second plateau the slope slides to about 40 meters which makes a very good dive for experienced divers