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Kassiopi Reef


It is  by far the nicest reef on  the island.
It is an ideal dive for any photographer of any level of expediency and for any diver novice or  very experienced .We have dived this site every day for the last fourteen years and we are looking forward to diving it for many more
It  lies just one hundred meters to the north  from Bataria Beach which is Kassiopiís nicest  and forms a series of sloping  rocky plateaus that are surounded by sandy patches partly flat partly filled with  posidonias  .
The head of the first plateau rests right at the surface of the sea and overlooks a rock formation thatís filled with cardinall fish and wrassess of all kinds ,axillarry,ornate,ocellated and peacock wrasse.Taking a left turn toward the tip of the second plateau that rests in two meters of water the diver will swim through the schools of salpae and white breams  the size of the schools are just enormous, sometimes we could come across a wall of fish three meters in height fifteen meters in width and they are calm because they have been used to us diving around them.
The side of the rocky formations are filled with soft red coral,red stone weed ,and leafy caulerpas and peacockís tails cover the majority of the area providing nutrition for the painted combers that seem to prefer them.Sea potatoes and sea cones as well as rock violets are everywhere on the sides and black and white tip sea urchins can be seen on the sandy patches inside the posidonias and on the bases of the rock formations.Every crevice and hole has a surprise; morays and red scorpion fish,black scorpion fish and spider crabs can be seen ready to attack their pray. At night marbled crab,hermit crab,small hermit crab(pagurus prideux),small locust lobster , warty crabs and cattle fish and octopus are all over the place .Pairs of nudibranches and nudi moluscs are  found on the rocky bed and red sea stars,cushion stars crinoids ,golden zoanthids,beadlet anemone and red limpet draw just a fantastic picture.
Dentex,black sea breams and damselfish as well as common sea bream and small groupers are seen on the deeper plateau and at  18 meters  the sandy ledge leads to a wall  down to  35 meters  making it and ideal  dive for the experienced diver.