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Nisopoulo Wreck


 Nissopulo is a small rocky islet just ˝ mile off kassiopi harbour .
At the top end of the islet the sea depens gradually and the sandy and posidonia slope stretches north easterly facing head on the mid afternoon curent that makes the site ideal for a drift dive.
The shallow sandy slope stretches for about 150 meters and at the end of it we have reached  at 26 meters a plateau of silt and sand that provide shelter to a wreck possibly of roman or even ancient greek era judging from the amphoras that litter the place.The wreck as seen from the formation of the amphoras that  are encrusted  sits on a rocky plateau that provides shelter to four families of grouper that have been there since the first time we dive it in the mid ninenties.The grouper families are very friendly as on the odd occasion we rest on top of their houses pieces of calamary to thank them for their cooperation.
As you leave the deep end of the dive heading south westerly at the 22 meter level you will come across an area where three very large anchors are lying.They are covered with red sea fans ,yelow sea fans and sponges; you will be amazed with the size of the anchors and immediately bring to mind the use of a four five ton lift bag but that won’t be necessary because we want them there for us forever.
Divers love this site because it is thrilling to come close be part and touch some years of hostory.