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Pipitos Reef


The reef is located about mile west of the house reef  and its accessible both from the shore and the sea.
Its an easy dive for divers of all levels and ideal for first time divers and open water course students.The reef  formations are shallow and close to the shore line ,the flat parts are at an average depth of 5 meters under water but some have pinnacle formations reaching close to the surface creating beautifull swimthroughs.
Heading north the reef  slopes gradually through a forest of posidonias to a flat silt and sand bed at around 30 meters which is visited regularly by thornback and occelated rays.Divers with an eagle eye can easily spot hidden in the forest of posidonias  large Pina Nobilis (giant mussels) some as tall as one meter with a width reaching half a meter making it a very impressive find.
However the best diving here is done on the shallow end  between the rock formations and the swimthroughs.Morays ,wrasse,scorpion fish,painted combers ans salpae are everywhere.The rocks and coral fprmations are covered with sponges both white and black,sea cones and rock violets.Red sea stars ,spiny stars and lage astropecten stars are forming a very colourfull colony.Crabs of all colours and sizes ,squat lobsters and octopus are seeing hunting around f or turbos,cowries and turbinates that multiply by the day and seeing in large numbers every where.A colony of very large bearded and red fire worms are clustered around a sea cucumber  colony  near the exit of the last swimthrough  where a a forest of berried anemone shakelocks anemone and star corals feed off the mild mid afternoon current  that brings in fresh water and rejuvenates everything  in its pass.In the middle of the reef you can see a large number of round stone balls that were used in the catapelts middle age raiders of the island used  in order to seize the castle of Kassiopi.