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Yaliskari Reef


Its located 11/2 miles north of Kassiopi  just off the tip of Imerolia cove.
The main body of the reef is under just four meters of water and  at the north eastern side a couple of sandy ledges slope down to a maximum depth of fifteen meters .The sand is followed by a field of posidonia sloping gradually to 35 meters where large boulders covered in half by silt house a large number of groupers and bassess.
There are also remnants of amphoras scatterd all over the place indicating that somewhere in the silt an old wreck is lying undiscovered.
The shallow end is  a paradise of mediterannean sea life.Just to the right of the first corner of the reef there is a small cave that houses the largest population of cardinal fish and red shrimp in the area.The reef is quite flat but full of holes housing one of the largest population of octopus mainly large that feed off the cerithes,turbos and cowries and whelks that cover the area.Nudibranches and bearded fire worms are everywhere and false black coral ,star coral and peacock worms can be seen to grow on every bit of side rock giving a purpose to the amateur photographer.At night Bonelia viridis crabs and crustaceans rule the reef that makes an ideal night dive for those interested in combining it with a BBQ on the lonely pebble beach that stares at it.