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Barbaro Caves


Barbaro is the peninsula at the tip of the  North East corner of the island just at the entrance of Corfu Channel.In that promontory standing against the afternoon Nwesterly current we have discovered after a lot of effort  ten caves and swim throughs.
Four caves are of considerable size and six are smaller but three of them are split in two with a swim through tunnel on the left or the right hand side and a deeper cave  that narrows down after some distance.
All are  in depths not greater than seven meters but are difficult to notice because most have only a very narrow entrance that lies almost unnoticed on the side of the rock.
The big four have holes on top of their roof and sunlight comes in disecting them to colorfull and dark.The use of torch is necessary for one to see the richness of colour;yellow and red zoanthids ,false red coral ,red encrusting algae,and fun worms form a unique picture.The gradual dissappearance of colour creates ecological conditions found at greater depths and the degree of luminosciyy determines the type of life that we encounter.Hence do not be surprised if you come across red flourescent shrimp,bryozoans,moluscs and small crustaceans that occupy every little crevice and hole.
Two dives are required to visit all of the caves and carefull planning is necessary because in most afternoons we have a Northwesterly current that hits most of the caves head on  stirring up the sand distorting  visibility and the prospect of  a clear picture .