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Akoli Reef


A mile down the coast  from Barbaro Caves  towards Corfu Town there is a very friendly reef ideal for first time divers and those  wishing to have a nice relaxing dive and give themselves the opportunity to  play  around with their cameras and capture life especially the smaller creatures of the med.
The reef is formed around blocks of solid rock that rise  to two meters from the surface with gaps between them forming shallow canyons with sandy bottoms offering camouflage to large families of sole,turbots and blenny.
The south side of the reef slopes gradually to about 12 meters forming a plateau which accomodates a large colony of white and black sponges ,alysina aerophoba,Greek bating sponge,and encrusting red ,yelow ,pink and white sponge.Red stone weed,pink stone weed and peacock’s tail cover most of the space between the colony of sponges offering reason to exist to cerithes,rough turbos,whelks,and turbinates of many  colours.Purple and yellow nudibranches in pairs are almost everywhere and scallops and thorny oysters provide nutrition for the octopus  locust lobster and warty crabs that frequent the place for obvious reasons.
Schools of sharp snout sea bream,sadled breams ,red branded seabream and common sea bream as well as salpae seem are around most of the rock formations and large rainbow wrasse and peacock wrasse  seem to hold post around the fun worms to register any edible arrivals with the slightest change in the direction of the  very mild current.You will use your camera in this dive and you will also make a lot of salty friends.