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Aris Reef


The site is located right at the entrance of Corfu Channel close to its narrowest point about half a mile before the popular resort of  StíStefanos.It is a unique dive siite because one can do a combination of dives.You can do a reef a  deep , a drift and a night dive and wish to repeat them again and again.
The reef lies close to the shore and has a large lagoon type part thatís shallow and surrounded by a wall of deep blue water.
There is a shallow plateau full of swim throughs and  small cavers that offers shelter to shoals of bream and damselfish.
The edge of the plateau stands above an amphitheatrical  sloping wall that is house to myriad of damselfish ,cardinal fish and parrot fish.
The wall slopes to around 35 meters and at the sandy bottom you can see one very large WWII mine with all its fuses intact.
In the afternoon there is a very strong current heading from north to south making the site a fantastic drift dive you will have to make sure that you carry an SMB  extra flash light and a whistle for  safety.
The current lasts for about four hours so early evening the site is calm again for you to prepare for a night dive which can be an experience because the luminoscity of the cardinal fish and the thousands of the red shrimps that are housed on the wall crevices make the place look like a party of lights.