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Lighthouse Reef


Located just  midway  between Corfu and Albania and as the name states itís a rocky islet  with a lighthouse built on it to protect  the ships that come into the channel from the shallow reefs surrounding it.  It is the meeting point of all the
Pelagics that cross the channel in both directions north to south and in reverse,tunas Jacks and barracudas ,travellies and dolphins circle the Rock  also calledí Peristeraí from the thousands of pigeons that built nests in its crevices .In August 2002 we saw two whales mother and child fifty and thirty feet in length respectively resting on the edge of the reef on the north side of the Rock they were peacefull and  pose for photos ith a professional attitude.On the south side there is a funneling cave in the middle of the rock at around twelve meters  with two exits one to the left at around three meters and one at the top just under the surface that allows the sun to luminate the cavities and crevices.It is covered in parazoandas,red sea fans red encrusted alge and false red coral.Common sea breams ,sharpsnout seabreams and shoals of common pandoras and red banded sea breams create an ideal environment for the diver .In the afternoon there is a curent thatís heading from North to South mainly but a few days of the month you can get the reverse , the current is quite strong and makes an ideal drift dive.