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Kalami Reef


Kalami is a secluded bay  with  tranquil almost current free water with a pebble beach covering its full width.Two  sizeable headlands anchored  either side provide almost full protection from the wheather and due to its tranquility   boats and sailing boats of all sizes drop anchor for the day or the night.
The headland on  the right hand side facing Corfu Channel extends underwater to a rocky and sea grass slope forming shallow reef with small pinnacles ,rocky swimthroughs and posidonia fields.At about 24 meters the slope comes to an end leading to  an almost vertical step  down to about 38 meters.
This wall type boulder formation is home to  a family of large Grouper  not friendly to the insurgents.Sea fans ,star coral and sponges can be seen and during September the site is home to large shoals of sardine and white bite .

On the shallow part of the site life is rich varied and very friendly; common breams ,saddled breamsand two banded sea bream mingle with salpae and painted comber and peacock wrasse.Small sole fish ,tompot blennies and red mullet can be seen and almost touched on the sandy patches making the site ideal for the amateur