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Agni Reef


Situated just off the headland on the right hand side of Agni Bay the rock and reef formations lay very close to the shoreline.The reef outcrops are just a few feet beneath the surface of the water but  they slope gradually and at a wide angle  to a sandy and silt bed at 45 meters.At around the thirty eight meter level you can see a small wreck and a WWII  mine.Scattered red sea fans and pina nobilis can be seen and underneath the boulders seen at the 30 meter level groupers are stationed  with a large family of  comon sea bream circling right above their home  to scoop up everything the Groupers chew and spit; its their policy for keeping their friends happy.The visibility on the site is an average 30 meter and as you approach the 18 meter level broken pieces of amphoras are scattered; remnants of  an ancient wreck hidden in the silt on the deeper end.The shallow end sizzles with life both vertebrade and invertebrade but one has to be alert because of the traffic as Agni has some very popular tavernas that are frequented daily by sailors and local caiques on day trips full of visitors. So an SMB is a must at all times.