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Nissaki Wall


The wall is an extention  of the mountainous body  that dominates the North East side of the island.One can commence the dive on the small reef that extends itself from the local beach forming a plateau with an average depth of five meters that is full of life.
Salpae, wrasses and breams mingle with sponges ,stone weed peacock’s tails warty fans and  beadlet anemone.
Black sea urchins ,whelks,shining top shells and bearded fire worms together with purple sea urchins and Elysia viridis on the sand flats and between the posidonias making  the site an attraction for the cuttle fish and octopus.
The edge of the reef is covered  with posidonias so it comes as a surprise to the diver the wall that reaches almost 40 meters in two steps.At the 32 meter level a small boat is sitting  up right  making it an easy wreck visit but further down at around 38 meters a  group of boulder offer homes to large groupers.
The holes and crevices of the wall are full of damselfish ,shrimps and cardinal fish and on the right hand side as you ascend you can enter funneling gap that could test your buoyancy skills.
Following the wall southwards you will see a seat of a WWII fighter aircraft but whatever is left of ut is burried in silt at the 45 m level.From that point heading east towards the middle of the channel and after about 200 meters there is a wreck of a 80 meter ferry boat resting at 42 to 48 meters .This is a good dive for tec specialists .