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Skeludi Rock


This rogue islet is located on the west coast of the island just across from  Paleoís Monasteri beach.
It looks harsh and burren and the surrounding sea is dark and very deep.Once immersed you will be surprised with the visibility and the richness of life;on a good day  fifty meters visibility is normal  .
 The east side is the is the most sheltered  as it is facing Paleoís shoreline and  its connected with it underwater with a reef thatís full of sand and posidonia plateaus supporting several pinacles that rise up just two meters below the surface.As the reef approaches the islet at the 30 meter level boulders rise up to the surface providing housing for large grouper,very large morays and locust lobsters.The boulders and sides of the rock are covered with yelow and orange astroids,yelow zoanthids  and gorgonians.The same picture exists around the  rock with some parts filled with colonies of encrusting sponge of many colours namely red yelow and purple,and star coral mingled with warty sea fan and yelow sea fan.The north west and south side of the rock go down to a sandy bottom reaching close to sixty meters and a few hundred yards further you have major drop  offs  reaching depths of 1000 meters plus.
On the shallower end at around the 15 meter level large groups of common sea bream can be seen and  dentex and red snapper are frequent visitors as well as amberjacks barracuda and large shoals of travelly.