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Monastery Reef


Monastery reef is located just oof the foot  of monastery headland  in Paleo on the west coast of the island and is only a few hundred yards away from  Skeludi rock.
In fact the reef extends itself and conects the headland with the rock underwater.
Heading towards Skeludi  rock  from the foot of the headland at  about midway you will come across the first plateau of the reef at around 24 meters you will virtually swim through  a very  large shoal of white sea bream and two banded sea bream.If  you look carefully the forest of posidonias below you is full of large pina nobilis and at the small pinacles close to the shore underneath the monastery  peninsula you will find large number of nudibranches , brittle star fish,warty crabs,spinous spider crabs,and spiny star fish.
Few yards to the right from the point where the reef meets the Monastery headland there is a funneling cave at around 32 meters coming up to the twelve meter level where te exit is you will be impressed by the colours and life in the cave.Its walls are       covered with encrusted  organisms such as breozoans ,cnidarians and serpulids.Red algae ,golden zoanthids and red and pink stone weed cover the entrance .The crevices inside the cave closer to the exit are full with red shrimps and damsefish and  on  occasion baby grouper .Divers are very impressed with this cave because they take fantastic photos and it is not unusuall to see people asking to do this dive again and again in the same week only because they want to take photos inside the cave.