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Kolovri Rock


The rock is located less than mile off Ermones beach on the West coast of the island.It is surrounded by deep water and it is therefore a good dive for the experienced diver.
You will enter the water on the south side which is terraced at 25 meters and at that depth you will see a huge arch leading to an underwater tunnel that leads you through to the north side .At that  point the depth of  the site increases sharply to around 80 meters and a bit further up it goes even deeper reaching 100 +.
  Encrusting Sponges and red sea fans ,yelow sea fans ,golden zoanthids and petrosia ficiformis can be seen on  the sides of the rock and breams grouper ,common pandora shoals and red snapper fish are always available for a photo or two.
Leer fish , little tunny and dentex  also visit the place as well as amberjacks and tuna because of the deep water .
On either side of the rock you will see two vertically looking rock pinacles rising from some 60-70 meters to around 12 meters beneath the surface they are suitable for wall style diving and most of the divers do take the opportunity to go deep at that point but not further than forty meters .Technical divers have gone all the way down to the bottom on several occasions and they loved it.
The visibility in the area is just fantastic for that recreational divers have to be very carefull not to over extend the depth limitations .