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Ulysseus Rock


It is located close to the centre of the triangle formed  by the three islands on the north west corner of corfu just opposite st’stephanos avliotes.
The rock rises to about 100 meter above the surface of the sea from a depth ranging from 35 to 60 meters .
Deep water reefs surround the rock that are rich in both flora and fauna.
Tunas  ,rays,shoals of red snapperas well as leer fish little tunny and dentex visit the place .Sometimes shoals of dogfish and sharks are seen chasing shoal of little tunny and amberjacks.
Large grouper are housed in the big gaps and inside the large holes on the sides of the Rock  and sharpsnout seabreams ,white sea breams and common sea breams  which are in numbers regularly fall victim to their larger predators .
Currents hit the rock in the middle of the afternoon and they can be quite stong so the site offers an ideal drift dive for those people with the relevant experience .