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Corfu is without a doubt the prettiest of all the islands in the Mediterranean according to travel experts and visitors.It is located just a few miles south of Italy and only about ten miles of the west coast of Greece.As its such a popular holiday destination the island is conected with the continent with a very efficient ferry system as well as a large network of airlines offrering both a regular service as well as charters; for this the airport is always crowded with people especially from april till october.
It is surrounded by crystal clear tourquise blue sea and there are many coves and numerous beatifull sandy and pebble beaches to accommodate both sailors and swimmers .It is not a small island by size, it covers around 597 km2 and area and its 100km from north to south and about 28km east to west.So there is enough space for privacy but some places do get relatively crowded in the summer like Sidari in the north west corner and Kavos on its southmost tip.Kassiopi however where we are based is not like that; itís the most charming and most traditional fishing village on the island. it is 22 miles by road from the airport and the harbour, about forty minute drive on the coastal road where one can enjoy the scenery from above looking down at the olive groves that stretch to the beach, the coves and the sea.Looking from the hills above kassiopi sits between two peninsulas with beaches on either side and a headland above that fits a big castle close to a mile periphery that has been there sincethe 5th century bc when the Corinthians first built it.
The harbour area still retains its charm with fishing boats coming in every morning to sell the daysís catch to the local tavernas and restuarants, with sailing boats and local day trip boats moored and nowadays with more motor cruisers coming in to spend the night and get a taste of the food and the night life.There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to suit all tastes and the village square which is small and compact with shops comes to life every night with karaoke and greek dancing.
There are beutifull pebble beaches and a series of reefs that provide with some of the best diving on the island .The reefs and the underwater cave system around Kassiopi were the main reason we set up shop there.