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The club was firstly set up in 1995 with just ten 10lit tanks and enough equipment to dive six people and no compressor.In order to fill up tanks we had to travel to Corfu Town every day to fill up the tanks at a friends dive center and then travel back to Kassiopi 22 miles and then do it all over again in the afternoon during bussy season to have tanks for second dives and night dives.At the end of the first year we had fifty 10lt ,12ltand 15lt tanks and a Coltri 16m3 compressor so 1996 was a relatively easier year and we were able to offer our services to other resorts on the island.Our transfers were all organised with a VW TRANSPORTER and there were many a story of people pushing it either on the straight or even up hill to jump start the motor and days were there were fifteen people or more at the back of the van with full equipment and the doors open going to the dive sites.
There were days were we would have to push the car uphill for a few hundred yards to reach the top of the hill so it could go on a free downhill ride before it could jump start.At the time our boat dives were organised with a 16 meter local caique good enough to carry thirty divers .Twice a week we would organise a dive and party boat and the program became very popular attracting people from all over the island. We also used a six meter hard boat with an 90 hp outboard motor to carry up to eight divers at the local dive sites .The problem with that boat was that there were never lees than twelve people in it and with all the equipment the thirty or more tanks and the weights it was more of a submarine than a boat. At the end of 1998 we bought our big boat ‘THE CORFUDIVER’ and we were able to carry up to one hundred people or up to eighty divers at a time.People loved it we were able to dive around the island and explore the small islands surrounding Corfu and Paxos as well as the coast of the mainland for dive sites ..and we have found a lot ..we can certainly say that we know sixty very good dives around the island at least.Since 1995 we have been offering only Padi courses, making sure that safety and accuracy in teaching are priorities so that people and parents trust us with their dive education.
Back then diving was stricktly prohibited in all areas there were just designated dive spots that we were allowed to dive but the few that interested us were not in that map which resulted in us receiving a large number of heavy fines from the local port authorities but but but we did the nice dives and our people appreciated it by coming back to us.Thank God the new diving regulation liberated almost the whole of Greece to diving and now we can really offer a good deal of dive packages to all those interested in exploring a unique dive location such as Greece.
Year 2006 is the year that diving really started in Greece .
Over the last ten years we have given a great deal of emphasis on teaching dive courses building a wealth of knowledge in undersatnding individual ability, that has helped us to offer easier frindlier smoother training for all new divers.
With the recent changes in the Greek diving regulation we now are allowed to have a choice of dives for our experienced divers.So people who wish to take four, six, ten or more dives with us can now have a choice from around 100 dives that we know in the area and therefore take full advantage of our experience and have a fantastic dive holiday.
All in all we are now looking forward to the next ten years of diving and we hope that some of you having read all that will choose us for your next dive holiday.