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The club has sixty sets of full equipment by Mares , Cresci sub, Aqua Lung, US-Divers , Ap Valves and Apeks.
Sixty 10lt cylinders ,fourty 12lt cylinders and thirty 15lt cylinders all by Faber.
About two hundred and fifty wet suits of all sizes from very small ones for eight year olds to very big ones for the twenty five stone and thirty stone diver.
Also we have dry suits for all those interested in the specialty as well as DPVíS and Full Face Masks.
We have an air bank with 940 liter capacity filled to 300 bar and two Coltri compressors that are checked serviced and INSPECTED ANNUALLY to guarantee quality of air to our divers.
It has two full sets of portable oxygen equipment by Dan and two extra oxygen units in the office for back up.
This year we will be able to offer our young divers Mini-Bís for their training in order to help them carry less and feel lighter.