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Our dive boat “corfudiver I “ is a 60 feet wooden vessel propelled by two Mercedes OM403 v8 engines giving it a 10mph cruising speed .
It has ample space for preparation and equipment storage and can take up to 99 divers ; clubs and big groups love it because dive logistics become very easy.
At the back it is fitted with a very large platform with ladders for easy entry into and exit from the water .
Two 1000lt fresh water tanks provide plenty of fresh water for rinsing and equipment and showers and this year it is undergoing some very serious refurbishment in order to accommodate the increase in size of our program and the increase in demand for our services.
A side platform fitted onto a vertical iron bar and connected to an electric winch will be able to lower handicap divers into the water and lift them out of it and a diesel compressor will be able to fill 16 tanks in one go to eliminate serious currying and increase efficiency.
The length of the upper deck will increase to provide shade for the dive platform and a dj will accompany our groups for a bit of partying after the day’s dives are over .
We will also arrange for a kitchen to be fitted together with equipment for BBQ to keep people happy with some freshly cooked food as some of the dive sites are quite far from our dive base .
The upper deck is used for parties after the dives and we have no reason to alter our plans for the years to come.