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Bubble maker

It is an introduction to the thrill of greathing underwater in confined water at a maximum depth of two meters usually less than that.It instills on young kids a sense of adventure and its fun..We conduct it on a one to one basis with each child and we encourage kids to blow bubbles cause its fun . Parents can join in as well and have a really good family outing.
Small equipment is used and as we said gefore each kid will practice the basic dive skills and go underwater with their own personal instructor one on one.

Duration: approximatelly 2-3 hour

Contents: A basic theory lesson and use and functioning of the scuba equipment
Plus a introductory dive at a pool or confined water with practice of the basic skills and learning of the basic communication signals.Max depth 2 meters .
Requirements: able to swim , healthy , and minimum 8 years of age.

Price: pool :euro 30.00
Sea:euro 40.00