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Adventure Diver

Ok you finished your Open Water program and want to improve ,continuing your education is one of the best moves you can do.By going going beyond Open Water Diver you can:

  • Learn additional skills
  • Become more confident in the water
  • Understand better the aquatic environment that you are diving in.
  • Improve your buoyancy
  • Dive where only divers with advance training can

T o qualify for the certification you will need to complete three of the following adventure dives.

Boat Diver Multilevel Diver DPV Diver

Navigation Diver Peak Performance Buoyancy Dry Suit Diver

Night Diver Search & Recovery Diver Wreck Diver
Deep Diver Underwater Naturalist Equipment specialist
AWARE Fish Identification Underwater Photographer

How long will it take? It could be completed in One day but we normally recommend Two so that you have more time to go over things slowly slowly.
Each Adventure dive will be analysed and taught according to the Padi Manual and the video and then executed accordingly.

Requirements: Be healthy,able to swim, and your Open Water Diver certification card.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Full Equipment,Insurance, logbook,Certification.

PRICE: prepaid booking: euro 190.00
Local price:euro 200.00
Private : euro 280.00