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DPVs are fun to use and an experienced diver can cover a great deal of territory and distance in a short period of time thus conserving air.
However they ought to be used carefully because one has to be aware not risk going beyond the recreational divers depth range.
You will learn to plan ,organize and conduct a DPV dive and also to avoid problems with its use.
You will learn how to charge it ,clean it and store it as well as how to avoid harming fragile aquatic life by using it.
Soon you will realise that you wont be fin kicking to reach outer reefs and that you will have this extra bit of air left in your tank

Duration:One daytwo open water training dives
Prerequisites: open water diver certification
Minimu age :12 years old
Be healthy and able to swim

Cost: pre paid booking:euro 160.00
Local price :euro 180.00
Private: euro 250.00

WHATS included: full equipment,insurance,logbook,CERTIFICATION.