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Its one of the most popular specialities in the world of diving because people are just thrilled with the idea of dealing with a sunken vessel ..they want to know everything of how it happened its history and they want to be a witness of history themselves .
In this course you will develop the skills and aquire the necessary knowledge to safe and fun wreck diving.
You will learn to organize and plan these dives, the use of procedures and problem avoidance as well handling of problems.
You will learn to prepare lights,air supplies, special equipment,penetration lines and reels and be trainned on Limited-visibility techniques, overhead space orientation and emergency procedures.

Duration:THREE DAYS.- 4 Open water trainning dives.

Prerequsites:Advanced open water diver certification
Minimum age :15 years old
Be healthy and able to swim

COST:prepaid booking:euro 240.00
Local price :euro 260.00
Private:euro 350.00 but will have to be 2 people diving for wrecks longer than 10milles from our base .

What’s included: full equipment,insurance,logbook,CERTIFICATION.