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The night dive environment is totally differnet to the day time as light diminishes and the noncturnal spiecies take control of their habitat.
Your local dive site will acquire a new personality and many underwater creatures and plant life will become active.
Some people get scared by the idea of diving at night they consider it dangerous and stressfull.
NOT if you are trained properly…Night diving could be the passion of your life and it will be very easy for you to learn ..you never know with some fire and a bbq afterwards it could be the only thing you may be doing.
You will learn how to navigate and communicate at night and our instructors will describe in detail the habits of local night spiecies.
Then in three stress free open water trainning dives you will become comfortable with night diving and thank us for the rest of your life.

PREREQUISITES: open water diver , healthy and able to swim
Minimum age: 12 years old

COST:prepaid booking: euro 200.00
Local price :euro 220.00
Private: euro 280.00

What’s included:full equipment,insurance,logbook,CERTIFICATION.