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This specialty is designed for all those people that are interested in the aquatic life and the aquatic environment ;it will help you develop a responsible attitude in dealing and interacting with any form of life and its environment.
You will learn to identify the species and distiguish them from other closely related you will finally get factual innformation to dispels negative myths about species and also teach to protect yourself from innicent looking creatures that carry secrets with them that you would have never known.
Equiped with books,identification cards and underwater slates you will be briefed by your instructor about our marine environment and then in TWO open water dives you will see for yourself the species and be happy to identify them.
You will be diving and knowing what is around you .. you won’t be a blind diver.

Duration: 1-day, TWO open water training dives

Open water diver
Healthy and able to swim
Minimum age:10 year old

COST: prepaid booking :euro 130.00
Local price:euro 140.00
Private:euro 200.00

What’s included: full equipment,insurance, logbook, CERTIFICATION.