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Knowing where you are and where you are going adds to your confidence and helps you relax and enjoy your dive especially if one dives on new or unfamiliar dive sites ,which is normally the case with certified divers that like to explore the world.
Sometimes divers miss their predetermined exit points or the dive boat or take the wrong turn and they end up having to swim for a while before they are out of the water.Lack of underwater oriention will lead to long and unnecessary swims , unnecessary waste of air and exhaustion. You can avoid all that by learning to navigate properly.
In this specialty we will teach you different techiques ,procedures and planning to help you orientate yourself properly.
You will be introduced to natural navigation and underwater patterns ,points of reference and distance estimation .
You will start with use of compass on land doing lines and patterns and then apply the same techniques underwater during THREE dives.

Duration: 2 days
Number od dives: 3
Prerequisites:open water diver
Minimum 10 years of age
Healthy and able to swim

COST: prepaid booking:euro 190.00
Local price :euro 200.00

Private:euro 250.00

WHAT’S included:full equipment,insurance,logbook, certification