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Its the first specialty a diver should have.It will help you fine tune your buoyancy ,minimize your effort underwater,improve your air consumption and prolong the life of your equipment by helping you to avoid contact with anything underwater.

What will you do? Firstly we will teach you to use Padiís Weighting Guidelines to determine the correct amount of weight that you are going to be carrying per dive.Then you will practice buoyancy skills starting from buoyance check to inflation and deflation using the button to determine neutrality according to depth also weight positioning for trimming ,streamlining and visualisation.
All in our house reef buoyancy park you will immerse in the water and you will come out once we are happy that you are in perfect control of your body and your equipment but never beforeÖ!!!!!

How long will it take : one day ..and two open water dives.

Prerequisites: open water diver certification
Healthy and able to swim.

Cost: prepaid booking:euro 140.00
Local price:euro 150.00
Private: euro 200.00

Whatís included: full equipment,insurance,logbook,use of study materials.and CERTIFICATION.